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Martial Arts Medicine Rennaisance

Martial Arts Medicine Rennaisance

Abimoxi is a term coined by Master Peter Ray M.D. in 2004 combining the greek επούλωση  with Moxibustion, the practice of burning artemis vulgaris 艾叶 for medical benefit.  The etymology of moxibustion comes from the Japanese word for the 艾叶Ai ye herb.  The application of moxibustion is the oldest known form of Chinese Medicine.  Master Ray used this term to pay homage to both the Eastern and Western medical traditions which have strongly influenced each other throughout history.  The Chinese word for abimoxi is 武 "wu yi"  Wu means martial and yi means medicine.  The complete Chinese name would be 崂山醫 or "Lao Shan Abimoxi"

The opening of abimoxi marked the first time in history that this medicine was open to the general public.  The first open classes of this ancent tradition were taught in South Dakota

In 2007 The Shaolin Temple followed suit opening their medical tradition and offering basic textbooks.   While in Taiwan,  I met several monks from Shaolin who told me that only 18 disciples will be chosen at Shaolin to learn the complete system of martial arts and medicine.  Another source, a  named Wang Jian is the son of a Chinese government official who grew up on Shaolin  said "Basically Shaolin is a factory for showmanship, they still have the true tradition including medicine.  This only goes to 18 students each generation."  While he is an exceptional martial artist, he claimed to only know some pieces of the traditional art.

Abimoxi tests are open to Shaolin monks for official licensure within the US.

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